Over ANN B.

Bahia was a dream of Ann ; while collecting shells from all over the world she wanted to travel

The dream became a passion for nacre and precious stones. The idea was born to sell jewellery. The name Annb came later from ANN BIJOU !!! The dream became also reality because of travelling to many fairs of jewellery allover Europe. This kind of “work” make us wiser and brought our collections for what they are now.

AnnB stands for “service and quality”. We offer you a wide choice of Fashion jewellery, Quality pearls, Trendy handbags and Watches. Our jewels are made by top designers like Arts&Crafts, Merx, Nakamol and Qplus.

We offer you also jewellery under the name of ANNB.

The collection of handbags know their success because of the high quality of imitation leather.

The watches are from a high quality and a very trendy look. We take care of all your repairs in a specialized atelier.

ANNB invite you to come and to discover with her all the beautiful things she has to offer.

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