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Arts &Crafts is creating jewellery for the women who like fashion, and wanted to be updated. But most importantly ,they want that you feel confident, relaxed, and love the person you are.
Their jewellery is made in the very best way, with love and care. Jewellery that will keep its updated looks for a long time. The A&C jewellery is handmade with a great sense of detail. It’s Birgit and her design team that personally draw every little part, and then sit down and make every detail. They select only the best material, like hand cut glass jewels, glass beads and pearls. We use only original castings made exclusively and in small quantities. And they make sure that everything is certified lead-and nickel free. That’s why we say “Simply Beautiful”

It all started back in the 70s when Birgit Løitegaard was travelling the world with her backpack, and met this Dutchman on a beach. They fell madly in love, and wanted their trip to last forever.

That is why each collection they make is inspired and contains a story based on nature and the mystical symphony of colours, scents and sounds.

This year’s collection is flexible and versatile. It can be combined, mixed and matched in new and amazing ways. Together with a fantastic basic collection, this fall/winter collection forms a complete concept of fine fashion jewellery.

Freedom, Respect and Diversity that’s our scream!



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